Petroprod has more than 10 years experience in Multi-finger Caliper Analysis and Reporting.

Petroprod is using MIPS (Multi-Finger Imager Processing Software) and is able to process MFC data from all service companies (LAS, DLIS, LIS and Sondex field data formats (DAT, MDT)).

Processing performed:

  • Dynamic depth shifting to match tally, completion schematic drawing, or other reference

  • Editing of noise spikes and finger drift

  • Recalibration of data

  • Centralization

  • Curve joint statistics

  • 3D visualization of data

  • Time lapse studies (corrosion/scale development)

  • Calculation of Burst, Collapse and Pipe Body strength base on the caliper data

  • Fast Turnaround Analysis/Reporting, 24hrs service

All processing steps will be documented in report and file history.

Customers will get complete project including raw data, processed data in MIPS and LAS format. The data can be loaded/viewed the clients with the MIPSview & MIPS3D software.

Epidote’s MIPS software is the industry's leading package for multi-finger caliper data processing and interpretation and now includes a comprehensive reporting option for pipe thickness measurements.

Petroprod is a Beta testing site for Epidote; we are always running the latest software.