Petroprod was founded in 2013 in Stavanger, Norway and delivers Cased Hole Log Interpretation & Analysis. We specialize in Multi-Finger Caliper and Production Log Interpretation.

Petroprod delivers both fast turnaround and final analysis/report.

We always keep in mind that our customers logging operations are important in order to maintain the Oil & Gas production. Our analysis results and reports can help your Company in making the best decisions and improve your operations.

To help you in understanding your operations better, our specialists with industry leading expertise in cased hole log interpretation and data analysis can help you running your operations efficient and our results will help you making better decisions.

Petroprod takes pride in our wide selection of quality services and with our expertise we ensure that every production or reservoir data set offered to our customers are handled with high integrity to ensure quality with results that you can trust.

At Petroprod, we look forward to provide the industry with our high quality Production Log & Multi-Finger Caliper Analysis; these services are customized for every operator’s needs. Our highly experienced team is available 24-7 to handle all demands professionally and in an efficient way.

Advantages of working with Petroprod:

  • Experienced logging analysts

  • Using Fast Turn Around Service (FTA) we deliver near real-time results

  • 24 hours customer support

  • Advice both operation and service teams and provide guidelines for optimal logging results

  • We deliver high quality and well-organized interpretation reports accompanied with necessary output data