Production logging

Production logging provides important information regarding production well performance and plays a significant role for reservoir management. Identifying and eliminating problem areas, such as undesirable gas/water inflow or low/no inflow will help operators to increase production and improve economics of fields during their lifetime.

Production log analysis

Interpretation of production log analysis data with Petroprod will help you to gain a comprehensive understanding of reservoir behavior and make the best operational decisions for optimizing well productivity and maximizing recovery.

The Petroprod team has experience with all variety of production measurements from spinners, pressure and temperature to multi probe tools for both single and multiphase flow in vertical or in more challenging deviated/horizontal wells.

In deviated/horizontal wells we can handle the following Multi-Probe Tools:

  • Schlumberger GHOST, DEFT, FSI 

  • Sondex MAPS (CAT/RAT and SAT)


Petroprod uses Emeraude which is one of the most sophisticated software for production log interpretation.  We import data from all Service Companies (in DLIS, LIS, ASCII and LAS format).

Processing Performed & flow rate calculation processing steps:

  • QA/QC of data

  • Spinner calibration

  • Apparent velocity calculation

  • Input PVT parameters

  • Holdup calculation

  • Slip velocity calculation

  • Flowrate calculation

  • Fast Turnaround Analysis/Reporting, 24hrs service

Useful applications where we are able to provide enhanced analysis and identify:

  • Perform zonal water, oil and gas flow analysis

  • Evaluate fluid movements during production or injection

  • Determine fluid properties downhole

  • Identify zones that produce excessive amount of water

  • Identify zones with very low or no inflow

  • Identify cross flows between zones

  • Detect leaks behind and inside casing

Interpreted PL data